About Us

Myrna Simpson, Director/Owner

Ms. Simpson is a massage therapist by trade. Her career has lasted 24 years.  Her passion for sharing her talents as a massage therapist and then teaching was a natural progression into ownership of her school. Her goal is to continue to realize her dream of sharing her knowledge of alternative medicine, and balance with others has moved into her second love of Crystals.

She has a deep passion for learning about things of nature that will help us to become balanced and healthy. So she has now sold her school and is helping everyone she can use crystals and nature to help us create balanced lives and home with the right combination of stones. She offers her old class room space to people that want to share their gifts such a wire wrapping, meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki and more.

Meet Our Teachers & Readers

Patricia Mortlock

Animal Intuitive

     I have had the ability to talk to animals since I was a child.  Animal communication is literally having the ability to hear an animal’s thoughts.  I see, hear and feel the information they are sending me; it is a two-way conversation.  I then translate that into information and relay it to my client.

    In the case of a deceased pet, they often tell me what their purpose was in being your pet and the lessons you taught each other.

     My readings go deeply into the thought patterns of the animal, the subtle nuances of their personality.  This information is particularly useful when working on behavioral issues and understanding why they might be acting in a particular way.  Knowing the reasoning behind a behavior, from their point of view, is usually the key to unlock why they have chosen a particular behavior.

     Many clients say that after a reading, their relationship with their pet deepens.  “I finally know who he/she is.  I love them even more!”

Jason D McKean

Born into a family of Psychics and Ministers, Jason D McKean is a Tarot Advisor and Teacher, a Producer of Meditations, a Reverend, and a Radio Show host. His best-selling OM chant albums OM SANCTUARY, OM ETERNITY, 108 SACRED OMS are played throughout the world.

Lois Lucci 

While recovering from a major surgery in 2014 Lois began to spontaneously channel Light Language during meditation, she has spent the past 5 years working  with these energies, aligning with them and discovering what this gift has enabled her to facilitate. She began  first within herself, with family and friends, and then through volunteer work with rescued animals. She is now called to share this beautiful experience of energetic healing work with all that feel called to receive.